Plantsville Veterinary Hospital Special Services

As a full-service Plantsville veterinary hospital, Apple Valley Veterinarians provides all of the advanced care you expect for your pet, from a compassionate and experienced team of veterinarians and staff dedicated to helping you keep your pet healthy and happy. In addition to standard services such as pet vaccinations, pet dental care, pet surgery, parasite control, senior pet care and general wellness exams, etc., we partner with other local pet surgery and pet care professionals in the area to provide extra services you may struggle finding elsewhere. Our goal is to make sure you have the resources to lovingly care for your pet throughout his or her life.

Pet Dermatology and Other Specialized Services

Our own highly-experienced Plantsville veterinary hospital team of Dr. Freiman, Dr. Rothstein and Dr. Douglas have a great working relationship with other veterinary care specialists in our area who often come to in supplement our services so that we can provide the most comprehensive care possible for your pets. For example, Dr. Emily Rothstein, a well-known local veterinary dermatologist, consults with us regularly on all things regarding pet dermatology. She is particularly adept at helping us find solutions for difficult skin disorders in pets.

In addition to pet dermatology, we also work with great pet behavioral consultants in the area who can help you connect with your pet and resolve any difficult behavioral issues he or she has through better training and understanding.

We also frequently work with Dr. Patty Hogan from NEVS; she regularly comes in to help us with ultrasound diagnostic studies as well as interpreting radiographs and other diagnostic information that can help us pinpoint health issues your pet may have.

We can also offer advanced and specialized surgical services through our relationship with experienced pet surgeon Dr. Melvyn Pond.

Our Apple Valley Veterinarians team will always go the extra mile to provide the help your pet needs to stay healthy and active.

Pet Medical Boarding

Although our kennel space is too limited to provide regular boarding, we do have specialized pet medical boarding available for particular cases. These cases include:

  • Pets who need to recover and be observed by a veterinarian for a time after an illness or surgical procedure
  • Pets taking injectable medications such as insulin
  • Pets with medical concerns that require intensive veterinary attention not usually available at regular kennels and boarding facilities

Pet Cremation

It’s simply unfair that pets’ life spans are so much shorter than human ones. Our staff is there for you during the most difficult time of losing a beloved animal family member. We work with the compassionate team at Final Gift Pet Services to provide a range of both pet cremation and burial options as you work through the loss of a pet.

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