Puppy & Kitten Care from Our Plantsville Veterinarian

At Apple Valley Veterinarians, our Plantsville veterinarian provides care for new puppies and kitties at every phase of development. Learn about the services we offer for new puppy and kitten care, and how this helps you protect your pet.

Puppy & Kitten Wellness Care

Puppies and kittens need not just one wellness visit a year, but several visits for health and wellness. During these wellness visits, our vet will check your new pet and make sure that every developmental milestone is met.

During these wellness visits, we may provide the following services to your pet:

  • Vaccinations – A series of booster vaccinations helps get your puppy or kitty off to a good start in life. Vaccinations typically begin around 2 months old and continue in a series until your new pet is 6 months old.
  • Deworming and intestinal parasite prevention – Worms and parasites can be unpleasant to downright dangerous for your pet. We can educate you on the dangers of parasites and how to prevent them using oral medication.
  • Flea and Tick Prevention – Puppies and kitties need flea and tick prevention, but products made for dogs and cats may be too strong for young pets. We can provide you with flea and tick control products that are safe for your young pet.
  • Heartworm Testing & Prevention – It is critical to begin heartworm prevention at a young age. We can provide you with topical or oral heartworm prevention medication, or test your pet for heartworm.
  • Diet and Nutrition – Proper diet and nutrition begin at the early stages of life. We will discuss proper diet and nutrition, safe treats, and foods to avoid. If you are concerned about obesity in your pets, we can provide counsel.

During the wellness visit, we will also talk with you about your pet’s home environment, helping you make your pet safe and comfortable at home. Socializing your young kitty or puppy is important to helping that pet thrive, and we can teach you how and when to socialize your pet with others.

Puppy & Kitty Surgery 

At Apple Valley Veterinarians, we have a state of the art surgical suite. We can use our suite to provide routine surgical care for young pets, as well as emergency surgery should the need arise. We often recommend microchip implantation, which can be done via syringe or while your pet is in surgery.

Around six months of age, we recommend getting the spay and neuter surgery for your pets. Spay/neuter can reduce aggressive behaviors and wandering, keep your pet healthy by preventing certain tumors, and reduce the overpopulation of animals in shelters.

Dental care can also be performed under anesthesia. This helps to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy.

Have Your Puppy or Kitten Visit our Veterinarian in Plantsville

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