Advanced Surgery at Apple Valley Veterinarians in Southington

As part of our commitment to complete pet health, Apple Valley Veterinarians in Southington provides advanced pet health care, including general veterinary surgery, at our Plantsville veterinary hospital. We understand how stressful it is when your pet needs surgery, and you may rest assured that Drs Freiman and Rothstein have both the experience and skills as well as the compassion to provide your cat or dog with an optimal experience.

In addition, our veterinary techs and highly trained support staff assist our veterinarians in administering pain medications before, during, and after surgery, properly prepping your pet for surgery, and monitoring our pet patient while she is under anesthesia and in recovery. You may be sure that surgery at Apple Valley Veterinarians in Plantsville is truly a dedicated team effort.

For specialized surgeries, a board certified surgeon in our area may be consulted to ensure your pet receives the best possible result. Working closely with our veterinarians, Dr. Freiman and Dr. Rothstein, several specialists in our area can help us provide advanced treatment for our most complicated surgical patients.

Before General Veterinary Surgery 

A careful history and physical examination determine the scope of necessary procedures and help prevent surprises.

Pre-surgical blood testing and, imaging determine a patient’s suitability for a surgical procedure.

During General Surgery

Monitoring – For all surgeries performed in our state-of-the-art surgical suite, at Apple Valley Vets in Southington, we use the latest monitoring equipment to track your pet’s vital signs and assure his or her complete comfort. Monitoring includes pulse oximetry, respiration, temperature, blood pressure and sometimes ECG (electrocardiogram). Various methods including insulation and heated interfaces between the surgical patient and the steel surgical table help to prevent hypothermia

Pet pain management – Pain prevention begins pre-operatively and continues during and after surgery with the use of appropriate pain management techniques including, in addition to routine medication, epidural, nerve blocks, and/or continuous infusions. When you prepare to take your pet home, we provide medication for continued comfort throughout the recovery period.

Types of Medical Conditions Which may Require Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery for Pets in Plantsville

Orthopedic surgeries offered at our hospital in Southington include treatment for traumatic injuries such as fractures, as well as conformational injuries such as patellar luxation correction in small breed dogs  (luxation occurs when the kneecap moves out of place resulting in injury to the knee joint) and cruciate ligament repair (the ligament stabilizing the knee can become torn/ruptured, requiring surgical repair).

Spay/Neuter – Although this surgery is routine, we take the utmost care with every patient. Spaying or neutering surgery reduces or eliminates the risk of major types of cancer for your pet, helps prevent pet overpopulation and more.

Growth/Mass Removal and Biopsy – Older pets are prone to tumors and your Apple Valley Veterinarians in Plantsville commonly remove these masses to extend your pet’s active life.

Wound Repair – If your pet is injured or receives a bite wound, we may need to suture wounds so that they heal properly and to prevent infection.

Urinary Bladder Surgery – Cystectomy is an example of a relatively common procedure to remove bladder stones or tumors.

Gastrointestinal Veterinary Surgery – If your pet swallows a foreign object, we may perform intestinal surgery to remove the item and repair the stomach or intestinal tract. Bloat surgery or GDV (gastric dilatation volvulus) is a serious health problem in large, deep chested dogs, in which the stomach may become twisted requiring emergency care and surgery.

Apple Valley Veterinarians in Southington cares

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