Pet Dermatology in Southington

Fall brings the peak season for inhalant allergies in animals and people as weeds pollinate and mold spores increase, and flea populations increase as the air turns drier and cooler. The condition of your pet’s skin and hair coat can be reliable indication of whether your pet is in good, fair or poor health. Intense itching from allergy-related skin irritations makes dogs and cats scratch, chew, bite and constantly lick their skin. If their allergies are not evaluated and treated by your veterinarians in Southington. Drs. Rothstein and Freiman, scabs, hair loss, bald patches and bleeding sores resulting from untreated skin diseases can promote bacterial infections that could severely impair your pet’s health.

Southington Pet Dermatology Services Diagnose Skin Problems in Pets from Pet Allergies this Fall

To determine if your pet has seasonal allergies or another condition causing skin problems, our Southington veterinarians can give your pet a thorough physical examination and perform specific tests to discover why your pet is scratching and biting her skin.

In addition to fall allergies, your pet may be itching from food or contact allergies, ringworm or another fungal infection, parasites like fleas and mites, hormone or metabolic issues, stress, bacterial infections, or even primary skin and metastatic cancer.

Skin can only react in a limited number of ways such as becoming red or developing sores or swellings. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate among the various causes of skin disease.

Treatment for Pet Allergies and Skin Problems

Dr. Freiman and Dr. Rothstein, our veterinarians at Apple Valley Vets in Plantsville, believe strongly that the relief of itching and pain of pet skin conditions is important and necessary and may prescribe one or more of the following:

  • Antihistamines
  • Topical cortisone creams
  • Antibiotics
  • New oral medications which control the itch directly without needing to establish a cause
  • In rare cases, steroid medications (oral or injectable)

Pet owners may be able to reduce the severity of canine or feline skin problems caused by allergies by brushing their pet’s coat regularly to remove pollens and mold spores before they can be inhaled, using hypoallergenic shampoos and colloidal oatmeal skin treatments and feeding their pet a well-balanced, hypoallergenic diet with unique proteins.

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