Pet Parasite Prevention Tips from Our Southington Veterinarian

Pet parasites: not only are they common, they are much more than an annoying pest. They can, in fact, be deadly. Your pet’s comfort and health, and certainly his or her life, requires a pet parasite prevention plan designed by Apple Valley, your Southington veterinarian.

Flea Prevention and Control

A pet that is infested with fleas is miserable and could even fall victim to the flea carried diseases of plague, bubonic plague, pneumonic plague and a form of typhus. The flea is the most common parasite to affect pets and mostly in the warmer months. Besides almost endless scratching, how can you tell if your pet has fleas? It’s easier to detect a flea on animals with light colored coats, but if you clear the coat to an area of skin, you may see small brown bugs moving about.

Preventing a flea infestation is the way to keep your pet comfortable, and that’s where your Plantsville animal hosptial (hospital) comes in. We have a number of preventive products available, and we’ll recommend the best one for your pet. If your pet is infested, you’ll need a pet-safe pesticide as well as a regimen to kill fleas in your yard or home.

Tick Prevention and Control

Although they also carry other diseases, ticks are best known for passing along the Lyme disease. A tick passes on disease by attaching itself to the pet and sucking on his or her blood. If the flea passes on the disease, the pet’s joints may swell, resulting in painful lameness. Ticks are common, so anytime you take your dog for a walk in the woods or your cat goes outside, they are potentially exposed. Be sure to go over your pet’s body when you come inside, looking for any hard, small lumps.

We also have a number of flea and tick prevention products that come in different forms including spot treatment, spray, and oral and will find the one best suited for your pet.

Heartworm Prevention and Control

Heartworm has been identified in every state, but fortunately, it is less prevalent in our area than in some other parts of the country. Heartworms are the most dangerous and potentially deadly parasite, but they are also easily prevented with a proper plan. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes who carry live worm larvae which is then passed on through the bite in the animal’s skin. The young worms grow and live in the heart and lungs of the host.

No matter where you live, a good heartworm plan is critical.  An annual blood test will tell whether your pet has heartworm in which case we’ll start immediate treatment. If negative, we’ll then work with you to pick out the best preventive products for your pet.

Visit Our Plantsville Veterinarian

In addition to flea, tick and heartworm parasites, there are others that can also affect your pet including roundworm, ear mites, giardia and tapeworms. All of these pests can be treated and prevented with proper products and regular visits to your Southington veterinarian. Call us at (860) 628-9635 or visit us for more information about pet parasite prevention.