Your Labor Day Pet Survival Guide in Plantsville

At Apple Valley Veterinarians, we love caring for animals–both ours and yours! Our passion for veterinary medicine goes beyond just treating animal illness and disease–part of our mission is to prevent health complications from occurring in the first place. You as a pet owner are a huge part of prevention! That’s why we want you to take special care and consideration of your pets this Labor Day, as well as any holiday weekend when food, noise, and activities abound.

Top Pet Safety Tips for Your Labor Day Weekend from Your Southington Veterinarian

Supervise your pets around the backyard barbecue- Always keep animals and children away from hot grills and fire pits. Also, be sure to keep all BBQ food out of reach of your curious four-legged friends, since many types of human food can be toxic to dogs, cats, and other animals. Feel free to offer some animal-friendly treats and goodies as a way to safely celebrate the holiday with your dog or cat!

Make sure your animal companion is up-to-date on all flea and tick preventative medicine- Like us, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time outside with your friends, family, and pets this Labor Day. Of course, flea and tick prevention are important to maintain throughout the year, but disease-transmitting ticks, bugs, and parasites are the most active in the summer and fall seasons. Speak with your Southington Veterinarian to ensure that your cat or dog has the appropriate type and dosage of preventative medication.

Keep your animal safe from the heat- summer’s winding down, but temperatures can still soar this time of year. Always provide your animal with access to plenty of shade and water, and never leave your animal alone in a poorly-ventilated space on a hot day (such as a small room or locked car).

Protect against your pet getting lost- Traveling, increased activity, and loud noises (such as music or fireworks) can be overwhelming to your animal companion, and may drive some dogs or cats to escape or hide. Offer a quiet comfortable space for your animal to relax during a party and always supervise your pet during indoor/outdoor play.

Are You And Your Pets Prepared For Labor Day?

Apple Valley Veterinarians wants all pet owners and pets to have fun and stay safe this upcoming Labor Day weekend. Our Southington animal hospital is currently serving pets and their people from Southington, Plantsville, and surrounding Connecticut communities. To schedule a pet wellness exam or to learn more about our services and pet safety tips, contact us today at 860-628-9635.

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