Southington Pet Diet & Nutritional Counseling at Apple Valley Veterinarians

Like humans, animals need certain nutrients and energy sources to stay healthy and prevent common health problems. If your dog doesn’t get the vitamins it needs or your cat builds more fat than their muscles and bones can support, your precious pet might suffer a variety of painful and inconvenient consequences.

Fortunately, your Plantsville veterinarian is committed to keeping every patient well-nourished and at a healthy weight. At Apple Valley Veterinarians, we believe every patient deserves the fuel they need to run and play long into adulthood. We offer the following pet diet and nutritional services at our Southington veterinary clinic.

Bloodwork and Checkups for Cats and Dogs

Your pet’s annual wellness exam is a great opportunity to keep track of your pet’s weight, as well as the overall condition of their coat, fur, nails, teeth, and other indicators of nutritional or digestive problems. We encourage all cats and dogs to come in at least once a year for these comprehensive evaluations.

If your pet shows signs of weight gain, skin or coat conditions, allergies, intestinal disorders, or your veterinarian suspects any other problem, we may perform diagnostic tests to rule out something serious. Analyzing bloodwork and stool samples often allows us to pinpoint deficiencies and underlying conditions that may be causing your pet’s symptoms.

Pet Supplements and Specialty Foods

Your Southington Veterinarians Dr.’s Freiman and Rothstein may also recommend special prescription pet food to accommodate an allergy or chronic condition. For example, some specialty foods are formulated especially for cats with histories of urinary tract infections. Some dogs require simple recipes that steer clear of allergens that may irritate the skin, coat, or stomach.

Personalized Pet Nutritional Counseling

Of course, if your pet has special health risks, food sensitivities, or shows any signs of nutritional deficiencies, we are here to customize a diet plan as part of their treatment plan. Our goal is to fix the long-term causes of their problems by reintroducing the fortified nutrients they need, phasing out unhealthy foods, and identifying problematic eating habits.

We will then follow up with your pet’s progress, making sure they’re on the right track to proper nutrition. If your pet is particularly small or large, it may be even more important to tweak their nutritional regimen as soon as possible, in order to prevent further stress on the joints or damage to internal organs.

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