Pet Dental Cleaning from Your Apple Valley Vets in Southington

Pet dental care is important for maintaining your pet’s health and good quality of life. As a pet veterinarian in Southington, we encourage all pet owners in the area to bring their pets to their veterinarians on an annual basis. At Apple Valley Veterinarians in Plantsville, we clean teeth and perform regular dental examinations on cats and dogs. We also encourage pet owners to take care of their pet’s teeth at home. These preventative measures can help save your pet from the same kinds of dental disease that they may be subject to.

Watch for Dental Disease

There are many symptoms of pet dental disease!

  • Bleeding, red, inflamed gums
  • Stained teeth and gums
  • Missing, cracked, loose teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Reluctance to eat crunchy, hard foods
  • Pain in the mouth
  • Irritability

Home Pet Dental Care

As a pet owner, there are many things you can do to ensure that your pet has healthy teeth and gums. Daily tooth brushing will help keep your cat or dog’s teeth clean. Use toothpaste formulated for pets, and a tooth brush sized properly for your pet’s mouth. In addition to brushing your pet’s teeth, you can also use the following products to help your pet maintain good oral hygiene:

  • Water additives. Water additives can be added to the water to help your pet maintain fresh breath and break up plaque.
  • Dental chews. Dental chews help fight dental disease and prevent plaque.
  • Toys that clean your pet’s teeth. Hard chew toys that are designed to clean your pet’s teeth are both fun and an easy way to help your pet maintain good dental hygiene.

If you’re not sure which products are right for your pet, contact your pet’s veterinarians, Dr. Freiman or Dr. Rothstein, at Apple Valley Vets in Plantsville.

Pet Dental Services from Your Veterinarian near Southington

At Apple Valley Veterinarians, we help pets maintain good dental health. We offer services like:

  • Pet tooth examinations – We’ll examine your pet’s teeth for signs of plaque buildup, cavities, and other problems.
  • Pet tooth cleaning – We can remove plaque and polish the enamel to prevent food from sticking to your pet’s teeth. Our teeth cleaning services also help keep your pet’s teeth white.
  • Dental surgery and tooth extraction  Pet dental surgery is usually the last resort for pets who struggle to maintain good dental health. Dental surgery is used to remove painful infected or fractured teeth, releasing discomfort and stopping the spread of infection to other parts of the body like the heart valves.

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As your pet’s veterinarian in Southington, we encourage you to bring your pet in for regular dental care. We offer dental care for dogs and dental care for cats! To make an appointment for a dog dental cleaning or cat dental cleaning, Contact us today at (860) 628-9635.