Heartworm and Parasite Protection in Southington

Heartworm and other parasites can end up becoming a serious health problem for dogs and cats in the Southington area. Fortunately, there are effective ways to keep these pests at bay and protect your pets from harm. At Apple Valley Veterinarians in Hartford County, Connecticut, we offer heartworm and parasite prevention to help pets stay healthy and safe.

Heartworm Problems in Plantsville (Southington)

Cats and dogs in Southington are at risk of becoming infected with heartworms when they are bitten by mosquitos. Adult heartworms, which live in the right side of a dog’s heart, can cause severe infections that take a long time to be detected.

Routine veterinary care includes testing to detect their presence. The longer a heartworm infection lasts, the more difficult and dangerous it is to treat. During our exams, our veterinarian will take a blood sample to check for the presence of proteins from different stages of the heartworm individuals. If tests are negative, pets should take a heartworm prevention product to protect them from infections.

Ectoparasites (Skin) in Southington

Fleas and ticks are among the most common parasites in Southington that affect our pets. Fleas are tiny, but they can cause big problems for pets that are allergic to their bites. These bites can cause severe itchiness that raises the risk of a skin infection, bleeding, and sores.

Ticks can spread serious diseases, such as Lyme disease, when they feed on pets. Having pets brought in for regular exams can reveal flea or tick problems or provide you with a chance to get a flea and tick prevention product for your dogs and cats.

Pets can also be tested for Lyme disease and other diseases that ticks spread when they bite. Since these diseases are more easily treated when they begin, early testing can be very helpful if your pet is showing symptoms.

Parasite Prevention Dr. Freiman and Dr. Rothstein Your Veterinarians in Plantsville

Our veterinarians in Plantsville (Southington) can provide your pets with preventative products to keep them safe from heartworm disease and other parasites.

Heartworm prevention often involves having your pets take a chewable tablet or pill every month. Flea and tick prevention can be done in several different ways. Pets can have a topical product applied to their skin to keep these pests away.

Other options include oral medications or flea and tick collars. Medicated shampoos are also available for pets that have an active flea infestation. Our vet will make sure that your pets have what they need to stay safe from these parasites.

Visit Our Plantsville Veterinarian

If your pets are in need of effective heartworm and parasite prevention, please contact Apple Valley Veterinarians to make an appointment. Our veterinarian in Plantsville can provide your pets with the right prevention to reduce their risk of getting heartworm or other parasites that can cause serious health issues.