Tips to Protect Dogs at Cookouts in Plantsville

Bringing your dog to a summer cookout can be a great way to socialize your dog while also enjoying time with friends and loved ones. However, barbecues can also pose some dangers to your dog, which is why it’s so important to take special precautions for your upcoming cookout.

Hold Off on the Fireworks

Summer cookouts and fireworks often go hand-in-hand, especially during Fourth of July celebrations. However, because most dogs become very anxious at the sound of fireworks, it’s probably best to hold off on these if you’ll be having dogs at your cookout. When a dog becomes scared or anxious, it may act out-of-character. This means that your normally calm and well-mannered dog could escape from the yard in fear or, even worse, bite somebody.

Don’t Feed Them Table Scraps

Dogs tend to have very sensitive stomachs and digestive systems, which is why it’s best to keep them on a consistent diet. While it may be tempting to toss your dog some table scraps at a barbecue, even small changes to your dog’s diet could lead to digestive problems. and fatty or spicy foods commonly served at cookouts can actually be dangerous… It’s simply not worth the risk.

Keep Them Away From the Trash

Your dog’s nose may naturally lead her to explore sources of discarded food scraps such as trash cans. Ingestion of a bone or other potentially harmful food scrap can lead to intestinal obstruction.  Make sure everybody at the cookout knows where to discard their trash in a location that is out-of-reach to the dog, and avoid using trash cans without secure lids.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Plantsville Veterinarian

Hopefully, these tips will keep your dog safe, but if he does become ill, please don’t disregard his symptoms. They are signals that he is at the very least uncomfortable and needs help. At worst he may require life saving measures performed without delay. For further assistance with your dog’s health and well-being, schedule an appointment with Apple Valley Veterinarians at (860) 628-9635. Dr. Freiman and Dr. Rothstein are dedicated to keeping your furry canine companion in the best possible health.

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