Spring Hazards & Parasites in Plantsville, CT

Spring is a time when many pets are agitated or infected by parasites. At Apple Valley Veterinarians in Plantsville CT, we’ve made it our goal to educate pet owners so they can protect their pets from these problems. With veterinary care and a pet wellness exam, you can avoid springtime hazards

Fleas, Ticks and Parasite Prevention

Fleas and ticks, which are producing a bumper crop this year,  are common problems when the weather starts to warm up. Pets can be exposed to fleas in the yard and through contact with other animals. Ticks are found in yard waste and may cling to long blades of grass. The best way to protect your pet from fleas and ticks include:

  • Keep your yard clean.
  • Cut the grass regularly.
  • Remove organic debris from your yard quickly; do not allow debris to lay around the yard.
  • Get a prescription for preventatives from your pet’s veterinarian.

Untreated parasitic infections cause skin irritations, but these parasites may also cause serious diseases and other problems for a pet because they may carry viruses, bacteria, and other organisms such as tapeworms. If you suspect that your pet has fleas or ticks, contact our veterinarians as soon as possible.

Indoor Hazards and Outdoor Hazards

Indoor spring hazards include toxic cleaning products and plugged in power tools from DIY home improvement projects. Clean up after engaging in all spring cleaning and DIY projects. Stow all power tools and toxic cleaning products when not in use.

To help protect your pet from outdoor hazards, keep pesticides and fertilizers in a cabinet where your pet cannot gain access to them. In addition, rhododendrons, azaleas, lilies and many other types of plants are toxic to pets. To avoid problems, find out what kind of common plants are hazardous to pets before deciding what to plant this spring.

Contact Your Pet’s Veterinary Clinic in Plantsville

At Apple Valley Veterinarians in Southington, Hartford County, Connecticut, we’re committed to your pet’s health. To schedule a pet wellness exam and find out more about spring hazards in Plantsville and the surrounding area, contact us in the Plantsville section of Southington for an appointment at 860-628-9635.

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