Signs That Your Pet Has Allergies

How Drs. Freiman And Rothstein, Our Plantsville Veterinarians Team Can Help Your Animal Find Allergy Relief

At Apple Valley Veterinarians, we go above and beyond to cover all of your pets needs by asking about your pet’s allergies. While it’s clear that humans can have allergies, many people don’t realize that pets can actually be allergic to things in their environment.  Our veterinary clinic is experienced when it comes to treating pet allergies.

Top Signs That Your Pet Has Allergies

If your cat or dog exhibits any of the following, it may be struggling with an allergy:

  • Recurring ear infections and/or ears that have a strong odor or discharge
  • Skin “hot spots,” or areas that appear red and irritated (especially if these recur after a course of antibiotics is completed)
  • Hair loss
  • Excessive or obsessive chewing, licking and scratching
  • Soft stool and/or increased bowel movements
  • Wheezing, sneezing, and other respiratory problems

How Our Plantsville Veterinarian Team Can Help Your Animal Find Allergy Relief

Of course, knowing the symptoms of a pet allergy isn’t enough. We need to know what’s causing your pet’s symptoms so that exposure to the allergen can be eliminated or reduced, and so that our staff at Apple Valley Veterinarians in Plantsville can initiate proper treatment.
Depending on your pet’s presentation and symptoms, we may employ a variety of veterinary care techniques, including;

  • Oral medications
  • Medicated ointments, creams, lotions, and shampoos
  • Prescription diets and nutritional supplements
  • Hyposensitization injections

Our vet team can also give you, the pet owner, some helpful tips, and tricks on how to manage your pet’s symptoms at home. This may include keeping a trim and tidy yard and home, removing shoes before entering the house (to prevent the spread of dirt, dust, and pollen), wiping off your pet’s paws after coming in from outside, and brushing your pet (to stimulate healthy oil production and remove dust and detritus).

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