Pet Travel Safety in Plantsville CT

Traveling with a pet at the holidays can be stressful for both pet and owner. Knowing how to keep your pet safe when traveling can help you enjoy your trip and can help you and your pet avoid unfortunate accidents. The following tips are designed to help you be prepared for your holiday travel with your pet.

  • Get your pet a harness or crate for the car. Your pet may not be able to use the seat belt, but you can still protect your pet from car accidents. Buy your pet a crate or a car harness to keep him or her securely in place when traveling by car.
  • Practice driving with your pet in the car. If you’re planning a long road trip and your pet isn’t used to being in the car, acclimating your pet to car travel will help the trip go more smoothly. Take your pet on short trips around town to ensure that he or she is comfortable when traveling by automobile.
  • Familiarize yourself with airline and hotel rules of pet travel. If you’re planning to bring your pet with you on an airplane or to a hotel, familiarizing yourself with the hotel and airline rules regarding pets will help you avoid trouble when you leave on your trip.
  • Bring extra medication. If your pet takes medication, pack an extra supply, just in case your trip is extended due to weather.
  • Bring your pet’s preferred food. You may not be able to find the kind of food that your pet prefers to eat when you reach your destination. To ensure your pet’s comfort, bring a supply of pet food with you on your journey.

Stop in at Your Pet’s Southington Vet

Before leaving on a journey this holiday season, clear your trip with your pet’s vet. If your pet suffers from any conditions that may require special attention during travel, your pet’s Southington vet can give you suggestions to keep your pet safe. Call Apple Valley Veterinarians today at (860) 628-9635.

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