Pet Parasite Prevention Tips

Is Your Pet Prepared for Parasite Season in Plantsville?

Although spring typically brings pleasant weather to Hartford County, it also brings the risk of parasites for your pets. Since pets usually spend more time outdoors when the weather warms up, they have a higher chance of encountering these pests. You can help protect your pet with parasite prevention from our vet hospital in Plantsville, Connecticut.

Common Springtime Parasites in Plantsville

  • Fleas bite your pets, which can cause itchiness and other symptoms if they are allergic to flea bites. Large flea infestations can make pets miserable and also put you and your family at risk of being bitten.
  • Ticks are another parasitic problem for pets during spring. These pests, which are often found in wooded areas, fields, and areas with tall grass, can spread Lyme disease and other serious diseases when they bite pets.
  • Heartworm can cause potentially fatal illness in dogs and cats. Pets can get heartworm when they are bitten by mosquitoes that carry these parasites. Since heartworm can be difficult to detect in the early stages, prevention is crucial.

Parasite Prevention in Southington and Plantsville

There are different ways to lower the risk of parasite infestations in pets. Our Plantsville and Southington veterinarians can provide parasite prevention to keep pets safe this spring. Flea and tick products include topical treatments that go right onto your pets’ skin once per month, flea and tick collars, medicated shampoos and oral medications that can be taken in some cases.

Heartworm prevention involves giving your pets a monthly tablet or pill. This significantly lowers the risk of having pets get heartworm after being bitten by mosquitoes this spring. Since there are different products to choose from, our veterinarians will help you determine which ones are best for your pets.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Plantsville (Southington)

If your pets need protection from parasites this spring, contact Apple Valley Veterinarians to schedule an appointment. Our veterinarian in Southington, Hartford County, Connecticut, can provide your pets with parasite prevention.

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