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Learn About our New Guest Blogger, Jessica Brody!

We were delighted to receive an offer from Jessica Brody, a self described long term pet owner who knew “the seemingly infinite joy and love that comes from having a pet.” She also cited statistics that showed how the lack of prospective pet owners’ understanding about how to be great pet owners has led to a tragic disparity between the number of dogs and cats that end up in shelters and the low number of those in shelters that actually find new homes.

Ms. Brody asked if she might write and share an article about her thoughts on how to be a great pet owner. After reading what she had to say, we agreed to host her guest blog post. You will find it under the new tab. We think that you will enjoy hearing from someone who speaks from her experience and her heart.
Her website is

Coffee and Canines: Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Coffee Shop

by Aurora James​

Aurora James is a dog trainer and who enjoys teaching dogs the etiquette to be a “good dog” wherever they go. She bases the information on her many years of dog training and the many amazing experiences she has had with her well-behaved sidekick, Cooper. She wants to share what she knows to make the world a little better for both the public and our dogs. Aurora James believes that there are no bad dogs. She created to share her dog training tips and advice to dog owners everywhere. We hope many of our readers will find the article helpful!

Are you a lover of good coffee and four-legged friends? Do you long to take your dog out with you but aren’t sure how to prepare? Worry no more! Here’s what you need to do to prepare your dog and yourself for a trip to your favorite coffee shop:

1. Find dog-friendly coffee shops on

2. Hire a dog walker to help your pup get used to other dogs and humans.

3. Select the best leash for your pup here.

4. Read more about proper outing prep on Barkpost.

5. Teach your dog how to greet people politely.

6. 20 dog commands you can teach your dog at home.

7. 10 reasons to clean up your dog’s waste from

Now that you and your pup are ready, you can look forward to many fun outings together. Grab that leash, put some plastic bags in your pocket, and go have some fun. Don’t forget to tip your barista!

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