Importance of Pet Dental Care

Pet Owners in Southington, Bristol, Cheshire, Meriden & Plainville, Do You Know The Importance of Pet Dental Care?

At Apple Valley Veterinarians, our dedicated team is happy to provide preventative dental services and routine dental procedures to all our canine and feline patients. Learn why pet dental care is so important.

Dental Care Services for Central Connecticut Pets   

Pets in Plantsville and the surrounding areas have depended on Apple Valley Veterinarians for more than forty years for high-quality pet dental care services. Periodontal disease (gum disease) and tooth or jaw damage can cause severe pain and health complications, but prevention is possible if you maintain a regular cleaning schedule. We also treat dental problems as they progress.

Maintaining Your Pet’s Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is your best defense against periodontal disease, deep plaque buildup, tooth decay, and other long-term problems. Ideally, cats and dogs should have their teeth brushed or rubbed with gauze on a daily or semi-weekly basis. Some chew toys, such as Nylabones or Kong Dental toys, also allow dogs to scrape away plaque as they play.

Apple Valley Veterinarians will recommend tooth-friendly toys, pet-safe toothpastes, canine dental pads, and other helpful products that make it easier to keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

Importance of the Yearly Pet Dental Exam

Dental care services are crucial to your pet’s quality of life, because their oral health affects their entire body. Bacteria buildup could eventually lead to jaw, kidney, liver, and even heart damage. When we sedate your pet for their periodic pet dental exam, we remove tartar and plaque, assess tooth strength, and look for early signs of infection or decay with x-ray examination.

When was your cat’s last dental exam? Do you brush your dog’s teeth every day? Our Southington clinic is open six days a week and we pay particular attention to your pet’s oral health at her annual wellness exam. If needed, we offer pet dental prophylaxis and surgical dental procedures to pets throughout Bristol, Plantsville, Cheshire, Meriden, and the rest of central Connecticut. If your pet needs a cleaning or you notice signs of damage, such as bad breath or discoloration, call us at (860) 628-9635 to schedule an appointment.

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