How to Juggle Starting a New Business and Caring for a New Pet

How to Juggle Starting a New Business and Caring for a New PetSeveral clients have approached us saying that as they emerge from the unusual isolation of the pandemic period, they have taken the time to consider starting their own businesses. and asked for guidance about dealing with pets both established and new. Our guest blogger, Aurora James, has some suggestions.

Welcoming a new pet into your home and starting a business are two of the most exciting things that can happen in your life. When they both happen at once, however, things can get a little bit hectic. After all, they both take a substantial amount of time, work, and mental energy — and they’re both important enough that you want to make sure to get it right.

Apple Valley Veterinarians has created this guide for how to juggle both at once. Even if you didn’t exactly plan to deal with these major life changes simultaneously, you can still give both your all. Here are some tips for how to do so:


Learn How to Delegate

Most business owners go into entrepreneurship because they’re excited to get their hands on every part of their work. However, one of the most important skills you’ll learn while running a business is how to delegate. When you’re also managing serious tasks at home, recognizing when to hand off work to talented pros and employees becomes even more important.

For example, you might decide to outsource your web design. Creating a website is harder and more time-consuming than you might think, even if you use a site builder like Wix or Squarespace. The website designer hourly rate for a freelancer usually falls between $15 to $30 — a worthwhile investment for saved time and a professional, functional site.

Or, you can delegate some of the tasks you need to handle when registering your business. To officially do business in the state, you’ll need to select a business structure. If you decide to register as a Connecticut LLC, for example, you can reach out to a formation service, which can help ensure that all of the necessary paperwork has been completed and submitted.

You can also delegate when it comes to taking care of your new pet. For example, you can ask friends or family members to take a new puppy on walks for you during windows of time you can’t be interrupted. Learning how to ask for help — and recognizing when you need it — will be a vital step in getting through your new pets’ transitional period.

Commit to a Long-Term Routine

You may want to do everything you can to keep your pet stress-free while they adjust to your home, but make sure to avoid building up habits that you can’t sustain long term. Your pet needs to learn what it’s like to be part of your regular life, and the sooner you can establish that routine, the better. Otherwise, you can wind up needing to start a whole new transition period down the line.

For example, unless you know you’ll be able to work from home for the long term while running your business, avoid doing so while your pet gets used to your space. Instead, figure out how you’ll keep them safe while they’re at home, such as hiring a dog sitter or helping them adjust to a crate. This way you can give them the consistency they’ll need to thrive in your home long-term.

Find the Overlap Between Self-Care and Pet-Care

Running a business can cause some serious stress, especially at the beginning. If business owners don’t find ways to relieve that stress, they might wind up burning out. Fortunately, pets are a wonderful source of stress relief, and they provide plenty of opportunities for self-care.

For example, you can commit to going on a nice long walk with your pet each morning. Exercise is extremely important for you and your furry friend, and some time outdoors can do good for both of your spirits, as well. You can also try to practice mindfulness while you play with, brush, or simply spend time with your new pet. Learning how to live in the present moment can improve your mood, lower stress, and increase your bond with your pal all at once.

Managing a new pet and a new business simultaneously might be difficult, but it will also be well worth it. With these tips, you can keep your business moving forward while helping your new furry family member adjust to their forever home.

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