How Often Should Your Pet Be Vaccinated?

Pet vaccinations need to be given on a to effectively protect pets from serious diseases. In most cases, the vaccination schedule your vet will follow is based on your pet’s age, species and activity habits. You can work with your veterinarian to determine the best vaccination schedule to use for your pet’s unique needs.

Common Pet Vaccinations utilized in Southington

Pet vaccinations protect against a wide range of serious diseases that can affect canines and felines. The vaccinations are easily administered and provide long-term protection against these diseases. Most vaccinations for dogs are different than those given to cats; however some, like rabies vaccination, can be used for both species. Vaccines are divided into two categories. Core vaccines are recommended for all pet cats and all pet dogs. Additional vaccinations are given for specific pets with increased probability of exposure to other pathogens. For instance, cats that live outdoors are more at risk of contracting Feline Leukemia Virus than single indoor cats that never go out. In such cases, your veterinarian will provide the information about the availability and efficacy of the vaccination and together with you select an appropriate course.

When to Schedule Pet Vaccination Services

You should schedule pet vaccination services immediately after purchasing or adopting your pet. Your vet can look at your pet’s history to determine when to start the vaccination series. You will need to return to our Plantsville veterinary clinic at the appointed time for booster shots that improve immunity. Once your pet receives the full vaccination series, we can remind you which components of core vaccines and which non-core vaccines need to be boosted at their annual wellness exam.

Risks of Remaining Unvaccinated

Pets that remain unvaccinated are constantly at risk of developing a serious disease, such as rabies, Distemper, or Parvovirus. These health conditions, and many others prevented by vaccinations, may be life-threatening for your pet, and in the case of rabies, to you and your family. Feel free to discuss the risks and benefits of pet vaccinations in Southington with Dr. Freiman or Dr. Rothstein.

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