Holiday Hazards & Safety in Plantsville CT

The holidays are here! No doubt your pet is enjoying the excitement around your house. This is an important time to keep your pet safe from holiday hazards and dangers. Below are some of our best suggestions for keeping your pet safe at this fun and exciting time of year.

  1. Keep pets away from holiday decorations. Holiday decorations are shiny and attractive to animals. Some animals will chew on or attempt to eat holiday decorations, which can lead to serious injury. To protect your pet, keep your holiday decorations up and away from your pet. Contain your tree inside a baby gate or put it up on a small table to prevent your pet from tampering with ornaments.
  2. Monitor temperatures when pets are outside. You may put your pet outside when friends and relatives come to visit. If you do, be sure to monitor the temperature outside. Put your pet in a sheltered area where he or she can stay warm. Give your pet a heated blanket or pet bed to sleep in, and give your pet a heated bowl to prevent the water inside from freezing.
  3. Keep holiday foods away from pets. Your pet may find cookies and other treats tempting to eat. Sugary foods are bad for pets, and chocolaty foods can be toxic. You can help your pet avoid the temptation to sneak snacks by giving him or her a special meal of pet food when the family sits down for a feast.

Contact Your Pet’s Southington Vet

Your pet’s health is critical. At Apple Valley Veterinarians, we help pets stay healthy and happy at the holidays. If you’re a pet owner in Plantsville CT, we encourage you to keep our number on hand just in case of a medical emergency. To find out more information about how we can protect your pet at the holidays, or to get more information about protecting your pet at the holidays, contact us at 860-628-9635.

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