Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Our staff at Apple Valley Veterinarians want to make sure that your pets are safe during Halloween. We have put together a list of pet safety tips for the upcoming holiday. If you are interested in learning more, read on to find out how you and your pet can have a great Halloween.

Pet Costumes

Pet costumes can restrict breathing or come with parts that are choking hazards, leading to stomach pain or possibly surgery to have foreign objects removed. Additionally, some pets become distressed by being dressed up in costumes, and this can to abnormal behavior and physical symptoms like rapid breathing, panting, pacing, or vocalizing. It may be better to put a bandana on the pet or allow it to go without any costume at all.

Halloween Pet Treats

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and baking chocolate are all dangerous for dogs and cats. Even sugar-free candies that contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener, can create health problems. To avoid the need for emergency veterinary care, pet owners should stick with the pet’s normal treats or ensure any new treats are pet-friendly.

Halloween Pet Activities

Depending on how active a pet is throughout the year, Halloween can pose a serious health risk because it provides the opportunity for sudden physical activity that the pet isn’t accustomed to. Experts advise pet owners to take their pets for a pet wellness exam before the big night.

Halloween and Lost Pets

No matter how careful pet owners are, an open door may become an invitation to escape. We recommend having pets microchipped or at the very least, making sure the contact information on pet collars is up to date. This also helps safeguard pets against loss or theft.

The Halloween Pet Clinic

It is also recommended that pet owners have an animal clinic picked out in case there is a pet emergency on Halloween. Pet owners should check with their regular veterinarian to find out if he or she will be available for emergency care on Halloween and where the nearest emergency clinic is located.

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