Flea & Tick Prevention

Bringing pets into your home requires appropriate care and management. For dogs and cats, it often means taking measures to prevent fleas and ticks which can harm your pets. Apple Valley Veterinarians, in Plantsville, CT, offers the tools that you need to protect your pets and can answer any concerns you may have when you notice these parasites or suspect that a display of unusual behavior by your dog or cat could be caused by them.

Limit Exposure

Environmental factors play a role in increasing your pet’s exposure to ectoparasites. Since ticks often hide in tall grass, keeping the grass short helps limit the risk of tick infestations in your yard. Limiting wandering and excursions to high risk territory outside your yard can also help.

Remember, too, that while it is not always possible to prevent environmental fleas from stray animals or the neighbor’s pets, you should try to limit this source of exposure as much as you can.

Get an Exam

A pet wellness exam in our clinic in Plantsville helps address any concerns regarding fleas and ticks. We check a pet thoroughly for any signs of ticks or fleas and provide appropriate treatment solutions when we discover the parasitic pests on your pet.

Use Appropriate Preventative Tools

Preventative oral or topical medication options provided by our Plantsville, CT veterinarians will help protect your pets from fleas and ticks. We make recommendations based on the needs of your dog or cat. It is important to evaluate possible risk factors like breed, age or allergies before providing any preventative treatments. We also make every effort to ensure that any product we recommend is safe for your dogs or cats.

Protecting your pet starts with preventing fleas and ticks which bite and spread diseases. By working with our veterinarians, Dr. Freiman and Dr. Rothstein, you can feel confident that your pets are safe from fleas and ticks throughout the year. For more information about our treatment solutions and the exams we offer, contact us to set up an appointment today.

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