Exercise Tips for Overweight Dogs

Exercise Tips for Overweight Dogs from Our Veterinarian in Southington

Overweight dogs and cats are a growing concern for pet owners due to the potential for associated health problems like Diabetes. At Apple Valley Veterinarians, our professional staff can help you determine when to start working on your pet’s diet to get them down to a healthy weight.

Is My Pet Overweight?

A common concern about an animal’s current state of health is determining if they really are overweight. If you have concerns that your pet might be, we recommend that you bring your dog or cat in to be evaluated by our veterinarians.  Pets that are carrying excessive weight may benefit from exercise and a diet plan.

As a general rule to use at home, feel your pet’s ribs. If you cannot find a cat or dog’s ribs due to the fat, then your pet needs more exercise and a new diet plan. Animals should have a thin layer of fat over the ribs, but you should always be able to feel their ribs through the fat easily without any deep pressure from your fingers.

Ways to Increase a Pet’s Exercise

The easiest way to increase a dog’s exercise is through walking and running. Get out in the morning or plan the exercise for the evening hours to help a dog stay healthy and cool. Walk for a few minutes at a brisk pace and then jog for a few minutes. Repeat the process of walking and jogging to encourage your pet to run more.

Play games like fetch with a dog. Pick out a favorite toy and throw it. Allow you dog to bring it back and repeat the process. The game helps your pet increase his or her physical activity level.

When to Talk Our Veterinarians about Pet Diet & Nutritional Counseling

When you have any concerns about your pet, Dr. Rothstein and Dr. Freiman, your  veterinarians in Southington, CT, can help you. At our clinic, we offer diet & nutritional counseling to help get your cat or dog more fit.  We can prescribe a nutritionally sound weight loss diet while helping you develop a realistic exercise plan.

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