Effective Heartworm Treatment Plans by Southington Veterinarian

Heartworm disease is a dreaded and sometimes deadly disease, but with a proper heartworm treatment plan from your Southington veterinarian, heartworm disease can not only be treated, but also completely prevented.

What is Heartworm Disease?

Heartworms are a parasite passed on by mosquitos that carry live heartworm larvae, which they deposit on the skin of the animal when they bite. The worms enter the host through the bite and eventually settle in the hearts and lungs where they can cause significant damage.

What are the Heartworm Disease Symptoms?

Symptoms of the disease may not be apparent right away, but eventually you may notice your dog tires easily and has developed a cough. In cats, the symptoms are primarily respiratory including wheezing, coughing and breathing difficulty.

How is Heartworm Diagnosed?

If you think your pet has heartworm disease, immediately bring him or her to our Plantsville animal hospital where we will administer a simple blood test. We have complete, in-house testing facilities so your pet’s test results will come back quickly. If your pet is diagnosed with heartworm, we’ll discuss with you the best heartworm treatment plan.

How Can I Prevent Heartworm in my Pet?

The best heartworm prevention strategy is to work together on an effective plan so your pet does not become ill. When you come in for your pet’s annual visit, we’ll test for heartworm. If negative, we’ll then get started on a regimen of preventive products to make sure they stay healthy. One thing to remember is that if your pet is not properly protected, treatment for heartworm disease is much more expensive than a preventive treatment plan.

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