Benefits of Dental Cleaning at Apple Valley Veterinarians

Caring for a dog, cat or pet of any kind requires consideration for hygiene and health. A key part of a pet’s hygiene is proper pet dental care. Here in Plantsville at Apple Valley Veterinarians, we understand the risks associated with poor dental hygiene and the advantages of caring for a pet’s teeth.

Preventing Health Risks with our Apple Valley Veterinarians in Plantsville

One concern associated with pet dental care that our veterinarians at  Apple Valley Vets have noted and frequently diagnosed is the high incidence of periodontal disease. A large number of dogs and cats develop the disease in their lifetime, and the risk increases as your pet ages. The disease is caused by bacterial infection and associate with bleeding and pain and leads to complications with a pet’s teeth and bone structure. A regular dental cleaning helps prevent the health risks associated with this common problem.

Improving your Pets Breath

Bad breath is a problem that is pretty easy for many pet owners to notice,  A dog or cat may have bad breath from what they eat, poor dental hygiene, or even certain medications. At Apple Valley Veterinarians in Plantsville, we can determine the cause of your pet’s bad breath. Many pets just need a simple dental cleaning to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

Damage to a pet’s teeth may occur from a variety of causes. It may stem from a pet chewing on bones or other hard objects, cavities that grow over time, or other trauma. Regardless of the cause, pet dental care at our hospital offers a solution to help alleviate the pain your pets may feel after a tooth is damaged. One of our veterinarians can evaluate the damage and recommend a solution based on your pet’s specific needs and situation.

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Pet owners face challenges when caring for cats and dogs, but taking preventative measures through dental examinations and treatments as well as proper home care can help limit the risks to your pet. We can be your partner in meeting the goal of keeping your dog and cat healthy and active. For more details about the advantages of dental care for pets, contact us at 860-628-9635 today.

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