August is “National Immunization Month”

The One Thing You Can Do Now to Save Your Pet’s Life

August is “National Immunization Month” – is your pet up-to-date on critical, life-saving vaccinations? Immunizations help prevent dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases for both people and pets. And just as adults need to get regular vaccination boosters to stay protected against illnesses like the flue, measles and pneumonia, vaccination boosters are important for our four-legged friends, too. You may have heard before that pet vaccinations are an important part of every pet wellness program. But what exactly does this mean? Below, our veterinarian shares three reasons why pet vaccinations are so important can how they can even save your pet’s life!

3 Reasons Vaccinations Matter for Pets

  1. Vaccinations save lives. Rabies cases occur in Connecticut, and since the disease is communicable from animals to people and it is almost always fatal without painful treatment, protecting our pets helps to protect us. Vaccines protect against a host of other potentially life-threatening diseases in our pets, including parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis in dogs, and leukemia virus, feline herpes virus, and panleukopenia in cats.
  2. Vaccines stop diseases from spreading. Does your dog enjoy visiting the dog park, doggy daycare or a boarding kennel? Does your outdoor cat enjoy exploring the neighborhood? Other pets in your home and community are at risk for communicable diseases. Since many diseases do not show obvious symptoms until later stages, a perfectly healthy looking dog or cat could actually be sick and infect your pet!
  3. Newborn pets gradually lose the immunity that they have received from antibodies in their mothers’ colostrum when they first nurse. After that, they are at risk for serious diseases. A vaccination program is designed to induce a puppy or kitten’s own immune system to produce continuing protection. Vaccine boosters are given to remind the immune system to be ready to face the threat of infection.

Is your pet up to date on his or her core vaccinations? If so, there’s more you can do to spread the word about vaccine awareness. Talk to other pet owners about how vaccines aren’t just for puppies and kittens; vaccinations are important for adult pets, too. Remind your friends to ask their veterinarian if their pets are up to date. And don’t forget, RABIES vaccinations are legally required for both dogs and cats!

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