About Apple Valley Veterinarians, Your Southington Veterinary Clinic

Here at Apple Valley Veterinarians, we focus on providing your pets with the best quality of care throughout their lives. We provide our veterinary services to dogs and cats in the Plantsville area. Our team focuses on helping your pets walk the path of wellness through every stage of life. We target our vet care services to meet the exact needs of each patient we serve. When pets come to our Plantsville veterinarian clinic, they are treated like family and receive all the care needed to live happy, healthy lives.

Our Dedication to Quality Vet Care

We will help you find the right level of care for your pet every step of the way. Our proven diagnostic services allow us to pinpoint the underlying disease process and find the best treatment plan for your pet. We always go above and beyond in caring for the wellbeing of our patients. When pet owners come to us, we provide educational material that assists in understanding the ongoing care of their cats and dogs.

Our General Pet Wellness Services

Our team offers comprehensive preventative care for the complete wellness of our valued patients. We perform vaccinations as needed to protect pets from diseases like distemper, panleukopenia. All pets should receive a thorough wellness exam annually to spot developing problems and enact smart treatments before complications arise.

Allow Us to Serve Your Pets’ Needs Through Every Life Stage

We would love the opportunity to keep your pets in excellent health through every life stage. We perform key preventative care services to protect your furry friends from communicable diseases, such as parvo and distemper. We aim to monitor your pet’s vitals and control all disease processes to ensure your pet remains in good health at all times. We invite you to contact us anytime you need support from our Southington veterinary clinic team.

Schedule a Visit with Your Southington Veterinarian

If you would like to schedule an appointment with your Apple Valley Veterinarians in in Southington, contact our team at (860) 628-9635. At your appointment, your Plantsville veterinarians will assess your pet’s health and determine the best level of care needed at that time. Your input guides our veterinarians in determining the Southington services you would prefer your pets receive. We proudly partner with pet owners to keep our patients in great condition throughout life.