A Guide To Prepare Your Cat for a Visit to Apple Valley Veterinarians

Taking your cat to a veterinarian can be stressful.  The first step in making the experience more pleasant is to throw away your old fashioned cat carrier. You know, the rigid, too small box with a front door that she has to be squeezed into and then dragged out of.  It’s time to update.

The Attributes of a Good, Modern Carrier are:

  1. It should be 1 ½  times the length of the cat’s body.
  2. Should be made of soft material rather than hard plastic.
  3. Should have a zipper or other device to allow easy access through the top.

Remember that leaving your new carrier out for your cat to explore for a few days can decrease the stress of transport.  Also putting cat treats into the carrier for your cat to find makes a carrier interesting and friendly.

Now You Need to Make it Appealing:

  1.  Pad the bottom of the carrier with a soft towel or fleece fabric.
  2. And the final touch might be a spray of feline pheromones (Feliway) about 20 minutes before putting your cat into her carrier for her trip.

If you implement these measures but still have trouble getting your kitty into her carrier, or if she is still too stressed out to cope with a trip, please call our office. We can provide you with safe and effective medication and, hopefully, a much more pleasant visit for everyone.

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