7 Great Gifts for Your Dog-Loving Friend

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Everyone enjoys the friendly face and antics of a sweet pooch. But some of us enjoy it more than others. Our pets are like our children in many ways, and we’d love to have them with us all the time.

If you have people like this on your holiday gift list, consider giving them something to help them enjoy their pets even more. Luckily, the market is full of great gift options for your dog-loving friends.

Dog beds

Though dogs love to sleep on our beds, they need their own place to relax, too. Getting a good bed for your friend’s dog can help keep him feeling good, especially in his older years. Just like humans, dogs need support when they sleep, so a weak dog bed can cause joint pain. Look for beds with a removable and washable cover. If it’s water-resistant, that’s even better. Bolsters along the sides are great for dogs to rest their heads on, too. Also, make sure the bed size fits the dog size. Big dogs don’t fit in small beds.

Dog-monitoring camera

A camera to watch your pooch while you’re at work is great fun. Dog owners can watch their pup right from their cell phone, and some cameras will let them feed him treats or video chat. Any dog lover who works away from home would love this gift.

Dog tracker

Dog trackers work similarly to fitness trackers, in that they use GPS or radio signals to track where the dog is. If he gets loose, his owner can easily track him down, and most trackers also monitor the dog’s activity. If your friends have a lazy pooch, this can help them determine if he needs a walk, and they can even compare their dog’s activity to their own daily steps.

A dog backpack

For people with smaller dogs, a backpack can help them carry their pooches around with them. There are many types, including some that double as rollers and some that can be used as a front carrier. These can make life a lot easier when taking their dog places and expand where small pups can visit.

A backpack for a dog

For people who like to take their dogs on outdoor adventures, a backpack for the dog is a great accessory. The pooch can carry his own food and water and even a small, portable dog bed or bowls. Many backpacks come with leash clips so they can be used as a harness, and some have handles to help the dog over rough terrain or hold him back when needed. Dogs love helping out their humans, and giving them a job makes them feel important. Plus, it lightens the hiker’s load.

A subscription box

Pets like monthly gift boxes as much as humans do. Give the gift of a monthly box of treats and toys. Several services deliver them straight to the home every month, and some of them allow the owners to personalize their preferences, such as dog size, owner interest, and treat types. There are even subscriptions for cats and horses.

A winter coat

Some dogs, such as short-haired dogs or thin, warm-weather breeds, need a little extra warmth in the winter. A dog jacket can help with that. There are so many styles to choose from, so your dog can be a fashionista or a practical pooch. There are even raincoats so that he can go for a walk without smelling like a wet dog.

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There are many holiday gift options for your dog-owner friends. Whatever you give your dog-loving pals, they will love that you were considerate of their pooch.

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