4 Awesome Responsible Pet Owner Tips from our Plantsville Veterinarian

Your pets always look to you for support and guidance as they navigate the huge world around them. You can be an awesome responsible pet owner by giving your pet your full support and having fun along the way. Your pet will transform into a confident, well-behaved pet as you make their well-being your number one priority. Here are four ways to get started.

Make Daily Exercise a Top Priority

Your dog or cat requires daily exercise to remain a proper weight and expend excess energy. You can exercise with your pet by playing chase or other games inside or outdoors. You can also go on short walks around the neighborhood and practice obedience training moves as you go.

Remain Patient Always

Pets do not speak the same language as their people, so they take longer to catch on to what you want from them. You can give your pet extra time to process your instructions by remaining patient after giving the command. By waiting a few extra beats, you give your pet time to surprise you by completing the activity as instruction and without further prompting.

Perform Regular Grooming

Regular grooming helps keep your pet in tip-top shape. Depending on the breed, pets may need their fur trimmed all over or just out of their eyes. Most pets require nail trims on a regular basis to keep the nail from growing back into the skin. Regular grooming also gives you a chance to bond with your pet on a daily basis.

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